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Conditions Treatable with Wellwave

  1. Lateral epicondylitis – Tennis Elbow
  2. Calcific Tendonits- Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  3. Adhesive Capsulitis- Frozen Shoulder
  4. Tendonitis of the Knee – Degenerative in nature or from Microtrauma
  5. Epicondylitis – Golfer’s Elbow
  6. Trochanteric- Hip Tendonitis
  7. Plantar Fascitis –Heel Spur
  8. Tibial Stress Syndrome- Shin Splints
  9. Achillodynia- Achilles Tendonitis
  10.  Myofascial Trigger Point – Chronic Deep Tissue Muscle Pain
  11.  Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disease – Jaw pain